Children’s Fancy Dress Party at the Mansion House

2020 has truly begun when the Lord Mayor opens his house for the first time of the year and lets in hundreds of excited children!

It's a wonderful event for the children of those who have a connection to London, whether civil servants, nurses, firemen, or volunteers, the joy on people's faces is a delight to see.

The afternoon begins with a formal presentation of each child (without parent) to the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress who are attended by the Sheriffs and Pikemen of the Honorary Artillery Company, guarding them all. Then there is a different entertainer in each room with animals, mad science, comedy and dancing.  Each child enjoys tea and food in the ballroom, there is photograph with the Lord Mayoral in his state chair, ice cream and lemonade on tap, plus music and a grand finale of the hokey-cokey and conga all through the Mansion House.

The Egyptian Hall looked spectacular with a huge net of coloured balloons hung from the ceiling, which the children go wild to collect at the end!

Happy memories and a lovely way to open the new year.