Final Common Council of the Year

Today was the final common council of the year, a great opportunity for the atower Team to gather and discuss the year ahead.  

It was also a busy session debating expectations of residents and other constituents on the issue of how to be represented by those whom they elected without legal conflicts.  Specifically acknowledging the statutory duty to uphold the highest standards in public life and the need for Members to disclose and act to minimise any potential conflicts of interest, particularly those defined in The Relevant Authorities (Disclosable Pecuniary Interests) Regulations 2012.
The challenge of this occupied much of the session in fact, and we have requested the issues be reviewed by our standards committee.  

On a more pleasant note today we also voted on new freedoms of london including a significant number of women as part of our 100 Woment campaign to recognise them in the city in the hundredth year of their sufferage.

A busy session and we shall continue working hard in 2019!