Justice Matters for our Society and Economy

Tonight I joined the Lord Chancellor, Lord Chief Justice and members of the judicial community to recognise the importance of our justice system.  

The legal services sector accounts for 381,000 jobs, of which 323,000 are in private practice. Of those jobs in private practice, two-thirds are based outside of London. The sector contributes £24.9 billion GVA to the UK economy. Legal services exports total £4.1 billion.55% of the UK’s businesses services exports go to the EU, with legal services the largest individual sector. The UK accounts for 20% of all European legal services fee revenue.

For our society it is even more important, being the way we resolve our disputes and deal with criminal behaviour, and without a quality functioning judicial system we are all the poorer.  I’m delighted that tonight we affirmed our support for the rule of law, and our justice system.  We in the city will continue to champion it to support our economy and our society, and champion independent and effective judicial decisions.