Trade with Asia outlook positive

Today I attended the international business and diplomatic exchange (IBDE) who hosted the 13th Business Briefing with Minister for Asia the Rt. Hon. Mark Field MP.  We discussed trade and business opportunity between Asia and the UK.  We covered disruptive technologies and innovation and UK opportunity is significant.  The minister emphasised the ongoing importance for trade with Europe but thereafter Asia is a major focus.  The UK has 50 diplomatic teams across Asia looking for economic opportunities, in the last ten years the UK has enjoyed 15% trade growth, post brexit UK expects a trade agreement with Japan, and thereafter he expects focus for FTAs with Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Agreement (CPTPP).  The minister sees opportunities in cyber security in particular for the UK with Asian economies.  China is a major focus for exports and recent deals have been struck in mining, aviation, creative industries and biotech and AI. Sir Douglas Flint former chairman of HSBC echoed these positive messages and is optimistic for auK trade with Asia.  UK trade is going to have tech at its core.