TFL increasing charges - beware

I’m sorry to report that as recovery begins TfL has decided to punish car use with these charges -

o        The daily charge will increase from £11.50 to £15 per day (£17.50 for those paying during the three days after the day of travel)

Transport update

City Streets Update: Transportation response to support COVID-19 Recovery


Temporary changes to enable social distancing and safe walking and cycling are being delivered across the Square Mile in phases.

Covid 19 updates

2020 has not been the year I suspect anyone predicted thanks to Covid-19. 

Here I offer some updates and information that I hope will be of use.

Travel News

Wonderful Spitalfields supporting London and the NHS

New Spitalfields Market traders donates produce for those affected by COVID-19


Traders at London's historic New Spitalfields Market have donated more than 40 tons of fruit and vegetables for distribution to food banks and vulnerable people.


Covid-19 Information

In this challenging and worrying time I wanted to make information know to our residents of how the City Corporation is trying to help -

International Business and Diplomatic Outlook Positive

Today I’m attending the International Business and Diplomatic Exchange.  Already we have heard of the importance of data to the future of business and trade and how Brussels and the UK have recognised this.  The Executive Chairman Rudy Guraziu’s over view of the global economy and what is driving