2022 Pledges

Restoring the City - Supporting businesses and residents in Tower Ward – The pandemic has hit our all businesses hard, especially our smaller shops, hotels, restaurants, pubs and independent eateries.  Collectively they are the life of our City, creating vibrancy and numerous jobs. We will continue do all we can to support them, using our experience to campaign for further initiatives like the City of London’s£50m Covid Business Recovery Fund.

 Promoting the City – We will work to ensure that we support the return to offices, and promote the City as a vibrant place to do business and meet people.  We support promoting the City as the premier destination for financial and professional services, attracting talent and tourists back to our historic capital.

 Improving our environment and tackling Climate change – We support the City Corporation improvements aimed at our air quality and road safety, we shall continue to support changes that ensure Tower Ward remains a safe and attractive place to live, work and visit.

 Staying in touch – I will continue to be available to all and ensure our regular Ward meetings continue.