City Police tackle internet threats

IBM, Packet Clearing House and Global Cyber Alliance Collaborate to Protect Businesses and Consumers from Internet Threats

Prime Minister’s speech at the Lord Mayor Banquet

Tonight we welcomed our new Lord Mayor with a a banquet and he told us of his plans to re build trust in financial Servies.  He was also joined by the Prime Minister who used her speech to condem Russia’s ‘meddling’ in Western democracies.

The new Lord Mayor begins with fireworks!

The Lord Mayor’s Show is over for another year : To mark the beginning of a new mayoral year, London's newly confirmed Lord Mayor launched a splendid fireworks display over the river.

Reg tech Data and USA

I was honoured to be part in of discussions at the British Embassy in Washington today on the future of trans Atlantic data transfer and the new General Data Protection Regulation.

Brexit Immigration Update

I was pleased to have time with our Immigration Minister, Rt. Hon. Brandon Lewis MP, who has been actively working to both reassure European citizens of their future in the UK and looking at our future visa arrangments, so vital for business planning.

London Policing in Safe Hands

Tonight as part of the police committee I was honoured to attend a special evening in honour of all the police forces and law enforcement agencies.  We were treated to an inspiring speech by Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cassandra Dick.

Intellectual Property and Canadian - UK Trade

Today I am delighted to have spoken at the Intellectual Property Insititue of Canada's Annual Meeting.  I was asked to cover European trade mark law, and Brexit issues.  The reaction here was very encouraging, and Canada is keen to maintain strong economic and legal connection to the UK.

Corporation backs new Square Mile judicial centre

The City of London Corporation has announced plans for a new court to be built in the Square Mile, replacing all the City’s current court services, with the exception of the Old Bailey.

Epping Forest

Epping Forest, London's largest open space, is a registered charity managed by the City of London at little cost to the public.

I was delighted to talk to its local MP Eleanor Laing about the importance of the Forest, and our role in preserving it.