Volunteering in Life & in Essex

Whilst I represent Tower Ward in London on the Common Council, I also live in Essex. 

I have always believed that volunteers can do huge amounts of good for their communities.

For me this started at school and continued as a student and young lawyer, trying to give back to those that helped me in life.

I also see my time with the Territorial Army as an important part of my volunteerism.

My desire to help and volunteer continues today in the work I do as a Governor of Brentwood School, especially in our aspirations to ensure we realise our Mission Statement “to enrich and benefit the School by ensuring that no successful applicant in the Brentwood School Entrance Examination is prevented by financial reasons from taking up a place” - we aim to extend the tradition even further by funding an increasing number of bursary places.

It's an honour to also be a Liveryman of the Clothworkers, and to support the Clothworkers’ Foundation which improves the lives of people and communities – particularly those facing disadvantage and marginalisation – through grant making.

Trusteeship: We encourage trusteeship among our Clothworker members, and make strategic grants to organisations and projects aiming to improve charity governance across the UK. 

Clothworker Military Affiliates: We have long-standing relationships with a number of military affiliates, and fund works to support the service men and women and their communities.  The units we support include; HMS Dauntless (and her crew), the Scots Guards Soldiers and Family Welfare Programme; No. 47 Squadron RAF; the FANY, and ACF 41 Cadet Detachment in Dagenham one of the largest detachments in North East London.

Privately I am also pleased to have worked with my client a supporter of the work of the Clock Tower Foundation, in support of our special forces (specifically the SAS). 

Part of my thinking on volunteering comes from the way I always found villagers support each other, because in a village we rely on, and support each other – that is the type of community that formed me.  It is why I was very honoured to spend some time as a councillor for my former village home in Shenfield, Essex.

I have lived and worked in Canada, the USA and London, but no matter where life has taken me, my love for our English villages and towns has never left me.