Jamie Cullum lessons in the Roman Amphitheater

City of London's Roman Amphitheatre last night hosted an amazing event, where Jamie Cullum led the world's first 5G music lesson, with musicians playing in venues in Bristol and Birmingham broadcast over 5G!!  The Corporation worked with Music For All, Kings College, BT, EE, University of Bristol

Ontario open for UK business

Ontario is open for business! So proclaimed the finance minister for the province Vic Fedeli who I had the pleasure to talk to tonight.

UK and South Korea reach trade agreement

South Korea and the UK have reached a preliminary deal to avoid disruption to bilateral trade if Britain leaves the EU without an agreement over Brexit. The UK has now secured agreements with countries that account for 63 per cent of trade currently covered by EU agreements, up from 28 per cent t

London Tech Week

London Tech is underway with a bang, following the government confirming tech companies from around the world will invest £1.2 billion into the thriving UK tech sector – ensuring Britain remains the best place to start and scale a tech business.

London the world city of markets!

London is welcoming 300 people from across the globe, from Australia, Asia to America and all over Europe, those who run markets have come to London to learn how markets shape communities, cities and economies.

Law and Tech - London is leading us forward

London is the world’s leading centre for legal advice. The City of London is committed to maintaining that excellence, through investment in our courts and now in technology.

UK business and innovation strong says Secretary of State

Tonight I joined Greg Clark the Secretary of State for Business to celebrate UK businesses and promote our leading position in fintech and finance to support innovation.  His speech was opportunistic not with rhetoric but example after example of successful start up stories and long standing busi