London Bridge in Arizona

Have you ever heard the tale of the American who brought LONDON bridge?

Or perhaps the urban myth that he bought the wrong bridge?

Brexit planning and Intellectual Property

Following up on my last post I now look at preparing for a ‘no-deal’ Brexit and Intellectual Property: In the ‘Technical Notices’  the Government aims to address IP and regulatory concerns of the Lifesciences industry and other areas.

RAF 100

The RAF was founded in 1918, merging the Royal Flying Corps and the Royal Naval Air Service.  The Guildhall Yard is presently hosting a wonderful display of that history, do come and see it!

The history of Minories

In the late 13th century the Abbey of St Clare was founded in Aldgate by King Edward I's brother Edmund, the Earl of Lancaster, and his wife Blanche.

Supporting Apprentices - in their own words...

Apprenticeships are an essential part of our future educational and employment opportunities for young people, and I'm delighted with the support the City Corporation give to them.  So I share here the experience of one of our apprentices as his words say it better than I can -

Aldgate History

On the edge of Tower Ward we have Aldgate, best know to modern Londoners as the place with Aldgate tube station, but the history of the name is far more interesting: