Broadband -Better Connectivity Campaign - Wired & Unwired

Wired & Wireless Connectivity in the Square Mile isn't good enough but I'm working on improvement!

The City is also aiming to encourage investment in affordable gigabit broadband infrastructure.

The next phase of our efforts will be seen later this year when BT Openreach will complete the delivery of 35 superfast broadband cabinets by November 2017, (offering speeds of up to 80 megabits per second) to 5,000 City premises. Areas which have already been connected to the broadband cabinets and those areas which are soon to be connected are shown at:

Wireless connectivity

To improve mobile coverage and provide an enhanced free gigabit WiFi service for the Square Mile’s residents workers and visitors, the City has recently awarded a public tender to CTIL, who will deliver:

  • A world leading gigabit WiFi network which will be free to use on an unlimited basis, across the Square Mile from the end of September 2017, which will be more advanced than the Link NYC gigabit WiFi network recently being built in New York City.

  • A network of 400 4G small cells by 2019 (beginning in autumn 2017), using City street furniture to provide enhanced mobile coverage at street level, that will be the largest project of its kind anywhere in the UK, and will place the City in the best position to adopt 5G as soon as it’s available (2021).