PIC invests £250m in debt issued by City of London

The Pension Insurance Corporation, a specialist insurer of defined benefit pension funds, has invested £250m in debt issued by the City of London Corporation for an ambitious programme of major projects designed to benefit the Square Mile, London and the UK.

Canada and UK future ...

Today I joined a fascinating discussion on the consequences of the new minority government in Canada.

Queens Award for Engineering

It was wonderful today to join a celebration of the pioneers of the GPS system who received the Queen Elizabeth Award for engineering.

City of London rolls out smart streetlight network

Over the past 18 months the City of London Corporation has installed new lighting around the main and side roads in the city’s square mile and that it will install those needed in footways in the first quarter of next year. The project involves around 12,000 lights in total.

TfL has refused Uber a new licence

TfL has concluded that it will not grant Uber London Limited (Uber) a new private hire operator's licence in response to its latest application over safety concerns.

See the statement here -

Velvet Revolution Remembered

Tonight it was a privilege to share memories of the Velvet or Gentle Revolution that saw the end of communism 30 years ago in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.  It was a non-violent transition of power in what was then Czechoslovakia, that began on 17 November 1989.  The Czech Ambassador to London