Remembering Sir John Cass

Sir John Cass left a lasting educational legacy.  Born in the City of London in 1661, he was Alderman for the Ward of Portsoken and elected Sheriff of London in 1711. Before his time as Sheriff, he founded a school in the churchyard of St Botolph without Aldgate. The school opened in 1709 and was attended by 50 boys and 40 girls. The legacy of his ongoing work in education continues today, with the Sir John Cass's Foundation. The Foundation now supports eight institutions which bear his name.

Minories Update

The disturbance around the Minories is now showing results; the laying of Yorkstone paving on the northern footway of Crosswall between the junctions of Vine Street and Minories has begun and should be completed by Friday November 28th.  Additionally  
St Clare Street has now reopened to traffic.


Devolution for London?

London figures call for new powers to stop London falling behind

We Remember Them

The Poppies at the Tower of Londn have moved us all

The Aldgate Wolf Pump

Aldgate History Did you know how the shooting of a wolf left a mark on Aldgate?

Mediation Conference

The IMI Conference 2014: Shaping the Future of International Dispute Resolution, October 29th 2014