Culture Mile Launches

The City of London has now launched the Culture Mile...a new expansion of our cultural hub...a plan to put culture at our heart and you can read all about it here -

With the arrival of Cross-rail the City will transform us with new transport links to both East and West. There will be new Elizabeth Line stations at Farringdon and Moorgate/ Liverpool Street, on both sides of the Barbican, which together with the north-south Thameslink lines at the new Farringdon interchange will provide unrivalled access to London’s airports and transport hubs.

With this increased transport comes the potential for increased cultural visitors. A wonderful opportunity for the Guildhall School, the London Symphony Orchestra (LSO), the Museum and the Barbican.  The City led initiative will see our cultural bodies work in a much more co-ordinated way both to present our activities to audiences.

This is just the beginning and I look forward to the development of the new Museum of London in West Smithfield, and the new Centre for Music.  I will share more of the developments with you as they are announced.