UK business and innovation strong says Secretary of State

Tonight I joined Greg Clark the Secretary of State for Business to celebrate UK businesses and promote our leading position in fintech and finance to support innovation.  His speech was opportunistic not with rhetoric but example after example of successful start up stories and long standing busi

The future of our markets

Tonight the Markets Committee of the City of London hosted traders and local government leaders to celebrate our wholesale food markets and look to their future. Here I share my speech:

Prime Minister Statement on the Withdrawal Agreement


We have now had three days of debate on the Withdrawal Agreement setting out the terms of our departure from the EU and the Political Declaration setting out our future relationship after we have left. 


Prime Minister Speech on Foreign Policy

Tonight I joined the Lord Mayor and Prime Minster together with other leading government figures to hear what the Lord Mayor and Prime Minister plan for the year ahead in our international relations.

No Brexit Deal Speech of DEXEU Secretary

Today, I want to set out the steps we in government and you in business, the public sector and voluntary sector should take, in order that we can make sure the United Kingdom goes from strength to strength.

Philip Hammon on Brexit

Philip Hammond’s speech proposing financial services be part of a UK-EU trade deal

Below is the text of the speech delivered by Chancellor Philip Hammond at HSBC this afternoon

It’s great to be here in Canary Wharf, and I am grateful to HSBC for hosting me.

Liam Fox on Brexit

Thank you to Bloomberg for hosting us in these wonderful surroundings. It is a pleasure to be here today to talk about Britain’s trading future.

Hoban on Brexit

As the Government’s Trade Bill gets its Second Reading today, we will hear a lot of talk about global, free-trading Britain. This is absolutely as it should be. There is a big world out there and we need to embrace it with self-confidence and gusto. But what does this mean in practice?

The Prime Minster speaks of RENEWING THE BRITISH DREAM

Today the Prime Minister set out what she called the British dream ‘that each new generation in our country should be able to build a better future’ – and ‘the historic mission of this party – this Conservative Party – to renew the British dream in each new generation.’