UK Sport and Business connecting globally with Paris 2024

I am lucky to have had a truly inspiring evening hearing how sport can change lives. Tonight the City of London hosted an international discussion with the leaders of UK sports and the Paris Olympic Games 2024 team.  We heard from Etienne Thobois, Chief Executive Officer Paris 2024 Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games and they are so lucky to have him because his description of how Paris is planning to run sustainable games with temporary power generation, use of electric vehicles and temporary venues - learning from London by using existing back drops of Paris, is just the thought leadership needed.

They are also learning from Stratford and how their Olympic village can create investment and new greener housing, and it was  a great compliment to hear how London sport business expertise is supporting their ambition. A great example of our collaboration with our near neighbours in France.  #cityoflondon #london #paris